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Whether this is a "Personal In-Person Session", a "Personal Long-Distance Session", or if you're "Joining one of our Group Distance Healings" ...

For the greatest awareness of results we recommend you take time before your first session to write down where you are now.

All the areas of your body and your life that you would like to have improvement in or even a complete healing of. Notice if you even believe this is possible. These thoughts that you have impact your health and life tremendously and many people are not even aware they are having them. That little voice in your head right now may be saying "what are you talking about? What little voice?"  That one! Negative self talk is one of the most damaging of all behaviors. The first step to correcting your thoughts is to become aware of them. As you become aware of them, don't try to change them at first. Just become aware of them. 

We believe in complete and instantaneous healing and will do everything in our power to restore your energetic vibrational frequency to that of complete health and wellness.

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These areas of desired improvement may include your health, financial or emotional situations, relationships, energy levels, anxiety, depression, persistent aches and pains or whatever else is annoying to you or you would like to have healing or improvement in. Just write it all down. You are not required to share this (although you can if you want to). This is for your documentation of where you were before your session. 

Also, write down how you would like it to be. This will be your intention. If you can't think of anything to write, that's okay too. You may have lost the desire to desire/dream. That is often the case when your energy is out of balance or blocked up in one area and the flow of energy is skewed. No worries. 
You can start your journal after your first session.

Our intention is always for the greatest abundance of all good things for your highest and best good.

This is not a dress rehearsal. This is your life! 

You CAN have your life of first choice.

We can help!

But YOU must take the first step...

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